Gainsborough Physiotherapy Clinic  

At GPC we are experts in treating the
following conditions

  • Neck and back pain

  • Sports injuries

  • Osteo-arthritis

  • Post operative rehabilitation

  • Occupational rehabilitation

  • Paediatric soft tissue injuries

  • Joint, tendon and ligament pain

    Physiotherapy can be used to treat all sorts of different illnesses and injuries, and as a flexible, non-invasive therapy is suitable for almost everyone.

    It encourages the body’s ability to heal and repair itself, using a variety of treatments. We’ll discuss your options in detail during your consultation, and your treatment will be designed to suit you and respond to your condition.

    Neck and back pain

    Whether long term, illness related or as the result of an accident, physiotherapy can reduce or eliminate back and neck pain and in the course of time can improve flexibility.


    Speak to us about:

  • Whiplash

  • Acute back pain or sciatica

  • Disc injury

  • Headaches

  • Long term back pain

  • Pregnancy related back pain

  • Sports injuries

    We’ll assess your injury and design a rehabilitation programme to return you to your sport, in peak performance, as soon as possible. Whether recovering from a break or fracture, or rebuilding flexibility following a muscle strain or tendon injury, physiotherapy can play a key role in recovery.


    Osteo-arthritis / joint pain

    Mobilisation, flexibility and conditioning work can be very beneficial in relieving joint pain, stiffness and swelling. We regularly treat patients with joint pain and inflammation, and advise on appropriate exercise and glucosamine supplements for long term ease of the condition.


    Post operative rehabilitation

    Following an operation you could need help to re-build strength, flexibility and function. Working closely with your consultant we can offer a tailored rehabilitation programme to help recovery from spinal, shoulder, hip or knee surgery.

    Occupational rehabilitation

    Following an injury at work, GPC will help create a rehabilitation programme that gets you back to work as soon as possible, optimising your body’s ability to heal. We’ll also help to ensure the same injury does not occur again with guidance for you and your employer.


    Paediatric soft tissue injuries

    Children are often susceptible to accidents and sporting injury as they explore and play, and we’re expert in assessing and treating common childhood sporting and musculo-skeletal conditions in the young, growing body.

    Joint, tendon and ligament pain

    We also assess and treat all kinds of recurring joint pain, such as shoulder or elbow pain, tendon and ligament pain and injury.

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